My Personal Goals for a Sunday at Thrive

In just 30 days, Thrive starts to meet weekly. Wowzers! As I was thinking about that, I started to write down and focus on somej0439558 personal goals I have, for my time on a Sunday morning at Thrive.

It’s not a complete list yet, but I think it’s a good start.  And, they are in no particular order.

My personal Goals

I want to talk to every single person (adult and child and student) who comes to Thrive. That’s my goal!

Well, I’m already losing the battle on that one. And, this past Sunday I just couldn’t get to everybody. We had many new faces and many people that I’ve never met before. That’s CRAZY Exciting! 

I want to pray with people who need it. I’m tired of people telling me they need prayer and we don’t pray. Have you ever done that? Well, I have! Someone tells me they want me to pray for them and I say, absolutely…I will pray for you. Well, too often, I should have prayed right then and there! I’m done with not praying on the spot!

I want to connect people together. I absolutely love connecting people with each other and I love that moment when you see the connection happen between the two of them! I’m always on the lookout to make sure our core Thrivers are connecting with people who aren’t connected.

I want to truly thank as many Thrivers as I can! And, I don’t just want to say thank you and walk away. I want to look into their eyes and let them know the incredible kingdom impact they’re making by using their gifts and talents for the local church!

I want to share Jesus. Goodness! That’s my absolute favorite part about my role on a typical Sunday at Thrive. I want to always make sure that every message is saturated with Jesus. That I’m always pointing everything to Jesus. Actually, I want people to joke about how much we talk about Jesus.

I want to point people to community. It’s great having people show up for a Sunday experience, but honestly, I am more interested in them getting plugged into a growth group and living out the new testaments ‘one another’s together. Thrive exists to help people find and follow God and being entrenched in community is a GIANT part of that ‘follow God’ part.

I want to have fun. I really do like fun and I think church should be fun. My plan is to laugh and to help other people laugh as well.

I want to be approachable. We all know when we’re putting up our defenses and my goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen at Thrive. My hope is that I will available and ready when people approach me.

What did I miss?

I would love to add to this list and so let me know what you think. Am I being unrealistic? Probably?!? But, I don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Thrive’s mission is to help people find and follow God. That keeps me up at night and I want to do everything I can to keep us focused on that.

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