Role of a Church Planter #7…Protect Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart,guard_your_heart_2
for everything you do flows from it”    ~Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

Ok, let me tell you something pretty personal about this verse...I LOVE IT and I’ve LEARNED that this is the truth! Alright, it’s out in the open.

But, I think this verse applies pretty amazingly to church planters.

Protect Your Heart

That’s so important for everyone, but especially church planters.

It’s so crazy important for us to do everything we can to to protect this extremely important area of our lives.

Why Protect your heart?

Because, just what this verse says, everything you do starts, ends and flows from your heart.

Your heart is the most vital part of your life. Obviously it is physically. But, it also is spiritually and emotionally!

For instance…When you start sharing your dream and vision for your church plant, not everyone is going to like it!


I know, it’s true! Some people are going to jump on board, some are going to be ready to make it their own and some are going to question, and some are going to disagree.

Yes some–Some–might even say not so nice things about you and the dream and vision God has laid on your heart! I hope they don’t, but be ready for it.

That’s why we must protect our hearts!

Ways to Protect Your Heart…

1. Make it all about Jesus. Right?!? I mean that’s why we’re in this, right? But, its so easy to fall into the trap of consuming ourselves with the stress and anxiety and everything going on. Every day, put your feet on the ground after you wake up and give it to Jesus.

2. Don’t take everything so personally. Gosh, this is hard. I know it is! I’m a feeler and a people pleaser! Imagine that?!? But, there are times when really good meaning people aren’t going to understand and they’re going to say things that hurt. Try not to take it so personally.

3. Keep no record of wrongs. This passage of scripture in 1 Corinthians 13 just wrecks me! Why can’t we keep a record. I mean, people hurt people sometimes and isn’t the best way of dealing with it is to keep a record. That way, you can let the bitterness grow slowly and the hurt seep out. No, actually, the best way is to forgive, ask to be forgiven and move on.

4. Spend ridiculous amounts of time alone with Jesus. Yes, I know you’re busy. We’re all busy. But, you want to protect your heart? Then, get alone with your Father. Immerse yourself in scripture and talk to Him about it. Make it a sacred moment of your day. Let nothing get in your way.

5. Remember that not everyone is going to stay. This is a tough one. You invest a ton of time in people. Your meet with them, you pray with them, you brainstorm with them. You listen. You laugh together. And then one day, you notice something different. Their excitement level has dropped. They stop showing up at everything. They don’t return calls or emails.

And honestly…it hurts. Just remember, that God may call them elsewhere and that’s ok.

Our heart is where our source of life comes from, do everything you can to protect it!

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