I’m so thankful for this moment at Thrive on Sunday…

A typical Sunday at Thrive is a blur to me. no perfect people

It’s a crazy early day. We set up fast. The service goes by way too fast. We tear down fast.

It’s a blur. 

I try to slow it down and enjoy every moment that I can.

But, typically, I’m moving…moving…moving…connecting…connecting…connecting…

In other words…

It’s a blur. 

But, because of some new back pain (I have a crazy long history with back pain…but nothing like how it’s been lately), I’ve had to move a whole lot slower.

Actually, it’s quite painful. Both my back and to move slower. I like things at a fast pace. I like to do multiple things at once. It’s just how I’m wired.

But, lately I can’t. It takes me a long time to put my shoes on, to get up from a chair, etc, etc. So, I’m taking things much slower.

The Moment

Well, on Sunday I walked up to one of the godliest men I know…Tom Dennis. Tom is an amazing man whom I admire greatly. His knowledge of scripture and his love for Jesus is evident by the way he lives.

Anyways, Tom asked me how I was doing and how my back was. I told him and I think he could see the pain in my eyes.

Well, right then and there he laid hands on my, anointed me with oil and prayed for me.

Wow. That’s pretty much all I can say. I am so ridiculously thankful for that moment.

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