Still Incredibly Overwhelmed…a Sunday at Thrive

Sunday was a GREAT day at and for Thrive Church2013-08-20 11.38.57

It really was. 

For me, it was a bit overwhelming and it was incredibly humbling. At times, it was almost too overwhelming.


Because I love my church! 

I love the people that God has brought together to launch it. I love the dream God has put on our hearts. I love hearing stories of life change. I love being around other dreamers (starting a church isn’t all that easy!) and I love seeing Jesus move in hearts!

What I loved about Sunday…

1. It’s another step. Starting a new church is all about taking steps. It’s really easy to talk about starting a church, but goodness, once the talking is done…the hard stuff begins. Each Sunday we gather, every time our small groups meet, every launch party we host, every time we gather to pray…it’s just one step closer.

2. Meeting new people. We’re starting to see many new faces at Thrive and I’m working hard to talk to them all on a Sunday.

I failed on Sunday! Ugh! I know there are some people who don’t need to talk to the Pastor, but I’m a connector. I love to talk to everyone. I want to know their story and what they do.

3. Hearing stories of Life Change. We have people who are a part of Thrive that have never been a part of a Church before.

That’s Just Awesome! It’s humbling and cool that Thrive is the first Church some of our Thrivers have ever experienced.

4. Seeing people come together. My goodness, this is a crazy awesome deal for me. It always has been! Way back when I was a youth pastor and now, I’m always trying to get people to come together. Break out of their comfort zones and reach out to each other and that’s starting to happen! So great!

5. Baptism!

My goodness, what new church does a baptism when they really aren’t officially meeting regularly yet? I guess Thrive does!

I had the privilege of baptizing some great friends and my kids on Sunday! Wow! 2013-08-18 12.04.23-1

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