You’re Invited to Thrive Church

Yes, that’s right…you’re invited to Thrive Church. We meet at Celebration Cinema at 930am! Bring your kids, your family and friends.


Tomorrow is a HUGE day for Thrive…here’s why:2013-08-16 13.38.12

1. It’s our last monthly service! This will be our sixth and final monthly service. Come tomorrow to find out why.

2. We have the privilege of gathering together! I love the community that God has brought together and I can’t wait to see everybody.

3. Our community is building bonds with each other! It’s one thing for me to be excited about connecting with everybody, but, it’s awesome that they are connecting with each other.

4. We’re meeting outdoors. We discovered a scheduling glitch with the theater and instead of seeing it as a Problem, we saw it as an opportunity. So, we’re setting up a tent and meeting outside!

5. I’m teaching about New Life. We’re going to talk about the New Life we have in Jesus and how we can move past the stuff that holds us back!

6. It’s our 1st BBQ & Baptism! Right after the service, we head 15 miles to a great park where we will do baptisms in the lake and then have a great BBQ!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Oh yeah…don’t forget that Thrive exists to help people find and follow God!

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