Why I love my Church pt. 2

A few days ago I wrote a blog post called ‘Why I love my Church‘.2013-07-21 09.35.12

I wrote it just after Thrive’s monthly service and I couldn’t be more proud of our team. I’ve been thinking more about my love for my church and I wanted to add to the list. So, here goes.

Why I love my Church…pt. 2

1. Seeing the dream become a reality is so crazy humbling. It’s wild to think that it was only 12 months ago that Tracie and I were on a walk and she said…“I think God’s called us to start a church!”

That was a crazy day. When your wife affirms something as huge as starting a new church, it’s a GIANT DAY.

Then, a month after that, I was at lunch with a mentor and he said the same thing!

And then, a month after that, Tracie and I had dinner with a group of couples that all said and asked the same thing.

Heres’ the thing about dreaming…

        …The easy part is the dreaming.

Its true, isn’t it? Thinking of new things, how you would do them and what it would look like.  That’s the easy stuff.

          …The tough part is taking the step to ensure the dreams become reality. 

I am so crazy humbled that God would allow me to be a part of this crazy dream. I know that I have a ton to learn and that I’m not the most gifted or talented, but for some reason, God’s tapped my shoulder.

I love this dream.

I love the vision.

I will protect it and do whatever I need to do to see this dream become a reality.

What’s the Dream? 

To see people far from God become life long followers of Jesus. 

2. Witnessing unbelievable sacrifice is so crazy humbling. Have you been around someone who gives all they have to see a vision and dream become a reality? I have and it’s a crazy humbling experience!

We have a team of people who give their time, their finances and their resources in amazing ways to see Thrive become a reality.

It’s a huge honor to be a part of Thrive’s amazing Launch team and to be shoulder to shoulder with them as we launch this new church.

What I love about our launch team are their hearts. They are sold out and committed to reaching new people for Jesus. And, people who may possibly never enter the doors of a church. I love that this team is willing to give and to serve to reach these people.

3. Being around the people that God is assembling is so crazy humbling. Wow! WOW! WOWZERS!

Yeah, that about sums it up. We have a closed facebook group for the launch team and it’s so cool to sit back and see how God can even use a facebook group to build community. People put prayer requests on there and we pray for each other. We post ideas and thoughts and people add feedback. It’s just really cool.

Lately, people have even been sending out group texts with prayer requests. I LOVE IT! And, I love technology, so this is a win-win.

I love when our launch team gathers for our monthly Launch Party! It’s just a blast to watch relationships deepen and new ones form. It’s awesome to pray for each other and laugh with each other!

I can’t wait for our Growth Groups to launch this fall and then step back and see God work even more! Thrivers will have the potential to live out the Acts 2 church and form missional communities together all around the Mt Pleasant area!

I love my Church. 

I can’t wait for August 18th…more on why in my next post. Hope you’ll check it out!

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