Why I love my Church

This past Sunday, we took the next step in launching Thrive Church and it was exceptionally great.i love my church

No seriously, it really was! I know I’m the Pastor and I know I’m one of the church planters and I know I helped craft the vision, but really, it was a great Sunday.

Our mission for Thrive is simple…We exist to help people find and follow God. 

That happened on Sunday…it really did and that’s so incredibly exciting!

I can’t wait for the day that we can fully launch!

The Highlights

*these are in no particular order

1. It was our smoothest set and tear down yet. That’s pretty huge considering we haven’t even officially launched yet and we don’t own any of our own equipment.

Actually, every monthly service we’ve hosted, we’ve borrowed all the equipment we’ve needed. That’s just awesome! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work to borrow everything, but it’s worked great so far!

2. Tons of ENERGY. After our pre-service prayer, I walked into the lobby of the movie theater and there was just a great vibe. 2013-07-21 09.25.17-1People hanging out, sweet music was on, kids running around and people drinking Bigby’s coffee. It was so cool to watch people talk to each other, hang out and connect.

3. The worship team ROCKED! We meet in a theater, so the room is a crazy fantastic acoustic room. That means, the worship team can play loud and I love it! We’re about loud at Thrive and Cody and the team did a great job on Sunday.

4. Our prayer team met for the first time. At 850am we get everybody together and talk through the morning and then we pray. Then, our brand new prayer team heads off and prays again! It’s awesome! So proud of them.

5. Thrive Kidz Rocked. WOW, it was so cool! Our Thrive Kidz director…Katie Eisenberger and her team did an amazing job. I left and the service and went down and hung with the kids and I had a blast!

6. I LEFT! Seriously, I was only able to be there a few minutes. I had to leave after I did the welcome because I had to catch a flight for a speaking engagement. But, it was so awesome to get texts from my launch team on the way to the airport that said everything was great!

For the message, we showed a video of me teaching and from what I’ve heard, it went over great.

The church isn’t about 1 person. The church isn’t about a building. The church isn’t about a Service.

It’s about People.

It’s about introducing people to Jesus.

It’s about growing Disciples. 

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