The Essence of being a GREAT guest speaker

I absolutely love and enjoy being a guest speaker. 2013-06-18 18.13.40

Over the course of the last 15 years, I have had that honor hundreds of times. At churches, chapels, schools, camps, conferences and retreats. Every time someone hands me the mic, I’m still confused why God has given me these opportunities…but He does.

For many years, I don’t think I respected the privilege enough. Honestly, for a long time, there were moments when I cared too much about what people thought of me, or if I was funny or if it was deep enough.

Obviously, I always cared deeply about sharing Jesus, but my goodness, our pride can mess with us.

Then it all Changed

7 years ago everything changed. I was standing back stage and I was waiting for my cue to head out and this overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness hit me like a brick. It was outstanding. It was huge. It was humbling.

It was the culmination of 8 years of speaking and the reality that I don’t and didn’t deserve any of those opportunities. Now, when I approach the moment and opportunity of being a guest speaker or preacher, I try to remember to be GREAT.


Go to God. Yup, way before every moment I teach, the moments leading up to it and the moments I’m walking out on stage…I’m going to God. I’m talking with Him and I ask for His favor.

Ready myself. Every time I communicate, even if it’s just for a few minutes, I spend a great amount of time and thought in getting myself ready. That means I think through everything I’m going to say and I go over it. And then I go over it again!

Enjoy it! For way too long, I worried way too much. Stop worrying. Be yourself. Stop being anxious. Just be you and speak with people, not at them.

Attack the moment. Maybe the word attack is wrong here, but honestly, I do think it fits nicely. If I’m prepared and I am ready, I can come out of the gates ready to go. That’s so much better than coming out weak and slow.

Turn it over. I know this is similar to ‘going to God’, but my last step always is to turn it over to God. I try to actually do a hand off behind stage or earlier when I’m praying about my talk. I just simply ask God to speak through me and I ask Him to make Jesus known through my words.

I really believe this is the essence of being a GREAT guest speaker! 

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