Why I walk in the mornings…

I started walking in the mornings a few years back. Actually, about 5 years ago. 2013-06-17 07.11.00

Before that, I ran, when I ran that is. I love to run. But, being overweight (yes, I know, eat more salad!) and having a bad back makes running hard.

And, as my back got worse, I moved from running to walking.

Let me be as crazy honest and transparent as I can with you about this

…I primarily walk in the mornings because I’m a

…balls to the walls, always going, never stopping and when I do I crash kind of person.

I’m not saying that’s the best position to be in life, but, here’s what I know about myself:

I’m not the steadiest person to be around. One day I’m crazy up…top of the world. The next day…I’m down.

I love change.

I love new ideas.

I love a million things going on.

I love re-thinking things and changing them.

I love saying YES!

I love a full calendar.

I love being busy.

The problem with all that is…tumblr_mad2cbhgRu1qzhxeno1_500.I can’t keep it all going. The only person I know that can is..Chris from Park & Recreation! Hah!

But, I just can’t.

So, I walk.

I talk to Jesus.

I listen to sermons.

I listen to music.

I enjoy sunrises.

I listen for the quiet whisper of the Spirit.

I ask God for help…favor…leadership…His heart & eyes.

I thank God.

I worship Him.

Because my life is pretty quick, I walk so I can slow down.

Because my life is sometimes all over, I walk to keep it straight.

Because my head is filled with conversations all time, I walk to listen to the One who created me.

That’s why I walk with Jesus. 

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