Partner with us to make Thrive a reality

I have written a lot about Thrive and the dream to launch this new church on this blog. thrive-logo-400x132

I believe passionately that the ‘local church is the hope of the world’ and that we desperately need more local churches.

That’s why today, I’m taking the next step to launch Thrive Church and I’m asking you to become a

Thrive Partner!

At our core, Thrive is all about reaching people for Jesus in Central MI. People who are living a life far from God.

Thrive exists to help people find and follow God and our dream is to help people become life long followers of Jesus.

We are a place where no perfect people are allowed and we believe Church should be…

Simple…Fun…and Real.

This cannot become a reality without the help and support (prayer and financial) of many friends and family. If you live in Central MI or CA, you can be a part of helping launch this new Church!2013-06-16 09.44.34

Partner with Thrive

1. Click on this link and find out what we’re about and how you can partner with us to make a HUGE impact on our area for Christ.

2. Watch the video describing our heart beat, download our launch plan and check out ways you can partner with Thrive.

3. Send the link to friends and family who have a vision for Church Planting and ask them to partner with us as well.

4. Pray for Thrive. Pray for God’s favor and blessing on our new church. Pray that God would send additional launch team members. Pray that we would be Jesus to our area. Pray that we would be able to raise funds to launch this church.

5. Give to Thrive. Partner with us and invest in increasing the Kingdom.

There has never been a greater need for more churches than now

and you can help launch and partner with us to launch Thrive Church.

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