I have this re-occuring that thought goes through my head every time I’m about to head out on stage to teach…

Kingdom Work is so Worth It! 

The other re-occuring thought  I have is…

I so don’t deserve to have this incredible opportunity. 

What’s Kingdom Work you ask?

Well, my friends at CIY have defined it well…

“To be willing and committed to giving the best of our gifts and abilities to serve Jesus and to advance the Kingdom of God, where ever they may be…and be willing to be mobile, to move to wherever God may call them to most effectively utilize these gifts to advance the Kingdom”

If you’re a follower of Jesus, He’s called us to Kingdom Work.

And, it is so worth it. It may not seem like it at the time. It may seem scary or be a huge leap of faith.

But, I guarantee if God is asking you to do some thing for Him, He will see you through it and be there for you.


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