An Amazing Father’s Day at Thrive

Father’s Day 2013 will always have a special place in my heart.2013-06-16 09.37.23

Not only because I love, LOVE, being a dad, but because Thrive took our next step to officially launching as a Church.

Father’s Day marked our 4th monthly service in the movie theater and it went great!

The Highlights

1. Being around Thrive’s amazing Launch team. These people have committed to Attend–Serve–Invite–Give to Thrive. Their hearts are ridiculously amazing and how they serve God, the church and each other BLOWS ME AWAY!!!!

2. Our worship team! I love that God is bringing artists and musicians to inspire people with music and lead them in worship.

3. Challenging Dad’s to be Strong & Courageous. I taught from Joshua 1:1-9 and challenged Dad’s and every one else to Trust God when he says to be strong and courageous.

4. Watching how Thrive Kidz already loves kids! We have an amazing group of people who are creating an amazing environment for kids and teaching and modeling Jesus to them.

5. Seeing my family pour into Thrive Church. My wife, my kids and my parents are all a huge part of Thrive. My dad and my boys and I drive to the movie theater at 615am to help set up. I love it!

6. Meeting people who have given up on Church! I had a fantastic conversation with a guy

2013-06-16 09.44.34

who flat out told me…”I’m not expecting much from Thrive Church”. He was really involved in church as a kid and he stopped attending. His friend brought him and I’m hoping and praying he’ll experience Jesus in an amazing way.

7. Dad Fest 2013. We hosted our 1st annual Dad Fest and it went great. Our uber volunteer, Jon Faber, with help from the amazing Colette Hamlin, planned an awesome event right after the service in the movie theater parking lot. We had classic cars, quad rides, food and games. So much fun!

8.  Having our boys honor dad’s. We had some of our young guys honor our dad’s and it was a riot seeing them up front!

9. Launching a new Church. I pinch myself daily that God’s put the call on my life to launch a new church. It’s an honor that I can’t even comprehend!

10. “This is the Best Father’s Day”. Yup, I heard this from multiple Dad’s. So blessed! Only God!

I’ll throw in one extra one…

11. Man of Steel. A bunch of Thrivers came back to the movie theater to watch Man of Steel later that night. So MUCH FUN!!!

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