Role #3 of a Church Planter…Send People back to their churches

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my role as a church planter. I’ve posted about it here and here.

Today’s post might make some people scratch their heads.

But, I think my 3rd role of being a Church Planter is…

Sending people back to their Churches

Yes, I firmly believe that. I really do.

And, I’ve told dozens of people that already in my short couple of months of getting Thrive up and off the ground.

There are some not so great reasons people will want to be a part of a new church.

1. They’re frustrated or upset with their current church.

2. They just like hopping around from church to church.

3. They have an ulterior motive.

4. New is fun.

And then…

There are some great reasons people will want to be a part of a new church.

1. God has called them too.

2. They have been searching for a church home.

3. They have an existing relationship with someone and they’ve been asked to be a part.

I’ve made a HUGE effort to tell anybody and everybody (if they have a current church home) who has approached me about being a part of Thrive to stay at their church. Some people don’t like that response and I’ve gotten a few ear fulls from a few people! I have even been de-friended on facebook!

I do that because there are great churches in our area and we’re all on the same team. This is Kingdom work and I believe Churches must put the bulk of their energy into reaching out to people who are far from God and then turning them into life long followers of Jesus.

So, stay at your church.

Pour into it. Do everything you can to make it the best church you can.

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