A Dad’s List…Maybe one of the most important

I’m sitting in a Potbelly’s in Lake Geneva, WI. First let me say…I love Lake Geneva! My family and I use to live in the Northwest subarbs of Chicago for 4 years and we came up here often. It’s just an amazing place! I really miss it. 10204353a_dads-posters

But, I’m getting ready for my message on Fathers’s Day at Thrive and I came across this awesome list.

It’s The Top Ten qualities elementary children appreciate about their dads…

1. He takes time for me.
2. He listens to me.
3. He plays with me.
4. He invites me to go places with him.
5. He lets me help him.
6. He treats my mother well.
7. He lets me say what I think.
8. He’s nice to my friends.
9. He only punishes me when I deserve it.
10. He isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

I posted this on my facebook page earlier and a high schooler commented that it’s just not elementary kids who want these qualities in their dads!

What a great challenge this list is to me! I cannot miss the opportunities I have to build into my kids!

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