“I hate Church”…another Panera Bread Conversation

Last week I Had another amazing conversation at Panera Bread.2013-05-10 10.16.31

Let me back up. I’m at Panera Bread in my town quite often. I use it pretty frequently to meet with people…to study…to prepare and to work.

About 4 months ago I realized it’s one of the…


Sure…I love the food.

Sure…I love atmosphere.

Sure…I love the wifi.

Sure…I love how they don’t kick me out.

But, after I started to become friends with the staff and regulars and started to have personal relationships and personal conversations with them, it dawned on me…this place is an incredible opportunity.

So, fast forward to last week.

I was inviting a Panera staffer to Thrive and another staffer was listening to our conversation. After I finished the conversation, the other staff member came up to be and said…“You’re starting a church?!?”

I wasn’t sure to be offended or excited! Hah.

But, she said she was on her break and asked if we could talk. I said of course and she started with this…

“I hate Church”

Just as she said those words my heart broke. She went on to say that she didn’t necessarily hate God, she just hates the church and then she said, rather emphatically…

“I hate Christians”

She went on to say that she hates that she hates the church and christians, but it just seems that christians and the church are against everything and everyone and she’s tired of how much she thinks they exclude certain people.

We talked for 30 minutes. She shared and I shared.

I assured not all Christians were like that and I apologized to her.

I told her about Jesus and I told her how much He loves her and how Jesus went out of his way to love the outcasts.

I invited to Thrive. She didn’t come. I’m praying she will.

If you’re a follower of Jesus. Please…Please represent Jesus well. Myself included.

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