I woke up crazy early this morning. thrive no perfect people

Crazy Early

I just can’t wait till tomorrow.

I got up and I studied. I read scripture.

I went on a prayer walk and prayed for our pre-launch service tomorrow.

I prayed for our launch team. I prayed for the people I invited this week at Panera Bread, the Post Office, Staples, Walmart and my Little League Team.

I prayed that God would give me clarity, focus and His power as I teach John 13 tomorrow.

I prayed for our thrive kidz and asked for God’s blessing on them.

I prayed and asked God to remind us continually that the Acts 2 church was a movement and not a building.

I prayed for everyone individually whose attended our previous services and I prayed for the dozens of people that have approached me and asked to hear more.

I prayed for my neighbor. I prayed for my kids teachers.

I prayed for every church in Mt Pleasant, Alma, Shepherd, Claire and Midland. I prayed for their Pastors and Leaders.

I prayed that God would spark a movement in our area using the amazing churches, para churches and  their leaders.

I heard from God and His voice is amazing.

I am so EXCITED for Sunday!!

I hope to see you tomorrow. Or, I ask…PLEASE…would you pray for us?

…Pray for God’s favor and His blessing.

…Pray that people far from Him would meet His son.

…Pray that He would use Thrive to make disciples.

…Pray that He would give us wisdom.

…Pray that He would give us favor with people who are far from Him. People who have given up on church. People who  have lost hope.

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