The BEST reason Ever to Help Launch a Church

Yesterday’s post seemed to strike an interest…considering it was one of my highest read blog posts

Today, I thought I would turn the corner and look at the other side.

So, what’s the best reason EVER to help launch a Church?

I talked about a few of them in yesterday’s post, but the more I thought about it, I believe there is one reason that sticks out more than any other.

There lot’s of great reasons to help launch a church…

1. You’ve been looking for a new church home. Maybe you have just moved to a new area or you have prayed through and feel a peace about finding a new church.

2. Your kids asked you too. I’ve met people who help launch a church because their kids got involved and they got involved.

3. You’re ready for less traditions. Ok, I know this one could cause some folks to want to fight me. But, honestly, I talk to a lot of people who have left the church because of traditions. Now, I don’t think traditions are bad. But, I think the worship of traditions is how Churches get off the right tracks and it happens all the time.

4. A close friend asked you to pray about it. Now, if that same friend says…”Hey, you have to leave and come join me and help me launch this church” and really doesn’t have a great reason, well, that’s probably the wrong reason. Just to leave…to leave is never a good reason. But, if you’re asked to earnestly seek God and ask, then that’s different all together.

5. God’s asked you too. When God asks you do something, it’s undeniable. He’s asked you and it will be hard to not to follow through. But, here’s a warning. Everyone close to you might not understand and support you. Actually, you may get the most pushback from those closest to you. I’ve met people who have had very hurtful conversations with close friends and family over helping launch a church. But, if God asks you too…then you have to take that step of faith.

The BEST Reason EVER to help Launch a Church…

~To REACH more People for Jesus. Period.

I love what Stadia says about this…”There are 7 billion people on the planet. God loves them all, and He calls us to love them too. How do we do that? God’s plan A is the church, the Body of Christ, God’s local outpost. We need more churches…lot’s of them”.

“Church planting remains the single most effective way to reach people with the Good News of Jesus” ~Stadia

If you want to do more reading about that, check out what Tim Keller says here.

But, I believe passionately that the best reason ever to help launch a church is to reach more people for Jesus.

To see lives changed by the hope of Jesus.


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