Why I am really planting a church pt. 2

“The local Church is the Hope of the World”

             ~Bill Hybels

I laid in bed last night and I couldn’t sleep. I closed my eyes and they popped back open. I buried my face into my pillow and tried to stop my mind from thinking and processing.

That was unsuccessful.

I was thinking about the church. My mind was spinning about church planting and church leadership. I couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. So, I wrote a blog post about the real reasons I am really starting a church.

I included 4 reasons in yesterday’s post. I think I forgot a few. 

So, I’m adding to my list list of why I am planting a church, here we go!

1. The local church is the Hope of the World!

  • I believe that through and through. When I worked at Willow Creek, I loved, LOVED, hearing Bill Hybels talk about the local church. I believe with everything I am that the local church is the hope of the world. My hope and prayer is that our new church will ridiculously and completely share the hope of Jesus to the world.

2. I love the local church.

I have served the local church for 17 years and I’m excited to serve the local church the next 17 years!




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