Why am I really planting a church?

Planting a church or Launching a church or Starting a church is really tough. PlantChurches

Yes, you read that right. A new church just doesn’t appear. It takes prayer and conversations and partners and support and financial support and faith and more prayer.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing…it’s wonderful…it’s extremely fulfilling…but it is hard.

That’s why someone asked me the other…

Why are you really starting a new church? 

We were having a great conversation about ‘Church’ and ‘Church Leadership’ and ‘Church Growth’ and then he says…

‘why are you really starting a church?’

He knows how hard and intense the work of being a pastor is and he knows that it’s just as intense and if not more, when you start a church from the ground up. He was concerned for me and I think that’s why asked he the question.

I spent most of 2012 praying about, asking God if I should, seeking wise counsel and then praying some more about starting a new church.

In the end, here are the real reasons I’m starting a new church…

1. There are an amazing amount of people who are far from God! Even though there are a lot of great churches in our area, there is the need for another! We have a ridiculous amount of people who are unchurched, who have given up on the church and want nothing to do with having a personal relationship with Jesus.

This keeps me up at night. This wakes me up in the morning. This is what I think about all day.

2. God told me too! I know that sounds like the easy answer, but it probably should be the first reason in this list. I spent most of 2012 running away from the inner, still, quiet voice that told me over and over again that Tracie and I should plant a church. I finally stopped wrestling with God in October and surrendered.

3. God laid Central MI on my heart. Honestly, I never would have thought this would happen. I’m a city guy. Grew up in Detroit, worked in the suburbs of both Detroit and Chicago and now I find myself in a small town and in a small area. But, I have come to love Mt Pleasant and the surrounding areas and I know, that I know that God wants another church in our area. I’m actually praying that God sends more church planters and my prayer is that 2-3 more churches will be planted in the next few years!

4. I love helping people grow and take next steps with God. My hope and prayer is that our church will continually help people understand and realize what they’re next steps with God are and encourage them to take them.

So, those are the real reasons. Nothing more, nothing less. I would love your prayers! I would love your support! I would welcome your encouragement!



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