Reflections from Sunday…

Wow, I am still so excited about the steps our new church took this past Sunday!

We hosted our 4th pre-launch service and it was our best one yet. We only gather once a month for a pre-launch service, so it was a BLAST seeing everyone!

I cannot wait until May 12th! Why? Because that’s the date of our May gathering!

Here are some Reflections…

1. I’m amazed by our launch team! They have incredible hearts and they are living out our vision!

2. Hosting church in a movie theater is both GREAT and HARD! It’s great because movie theaters are awesome and we have a GREAT seats. It’s hard because it’s a movie theater!

3. Church planting is hard. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it is hard!

4. My prayer and hope is that we won’t be the only church plant in Mt Pleasant in the next couple of years. I hope there are 2-3 more!

Here’s a few pictures

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