There is one skill, one ability, one task that every leader needs to

Especially if you’re in the people business.

If you’re a Pastor, a Teacher, or Speaker this lesson and skill is of great importance.

Learn and Remember Names

It is so incredibly important! Why?

1. It honors people.

2. It shows them you care.

3. It keeps your mind and your heart in people mode.

Simple Ways to Remember Names

1. Put some effort into it. So many people don’t even try. “Oh, I’m not a name guy”. Or…”I don’t have that gift”. I agree that not everyone has the gift, but everyone can learn some names.

2. Really try and really care. If you tell yourself it’s important, it will be important.

3. Look them in the eye and say their name back to them. This is the first and easiest step. Either shake their hand or make an effort to look them in the eye and say their name back to them.

4. Try to associate something or someone with them. This gets a little tricky, but do your best to think of an image or someone you can help remind your brain.

5.  Work at it! Don’t stop. Keep trying.

If you’re in the people, its your job.


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