Students have INCREDIBLE Influence!!!!

I am down in Berne, IN today and tomorrow speaking for South Adams Schools0

The only reason I’m here is because…

Students have INCREDIBLE Influence! 

Back in the fall, I spoke on a retreat for a bunch of Churches from Berne and the surrounding areas. It was an incredible experience. I get to meet youth pastors and students from all over, but my goodness…these people were amazing!

Well, a bunch of students took my Live Now Leadership postcard and took it to their school and asked them to bring me in to talk to their school about bullying.


You read that right?!? Students took the initiative and lead. I was crazy humbled when I got a call from the guidance school counselor and heard the story from her. Way too cool!

So, here I am! This morning I lead a workshop for the middle school student leaders and then the high school. The workshop was 0-1called…Live a Great Story, Now. It challenges students to understand they are in control of their own stories and they can either make it sub-par or GREAT.

One of the questions I ask and we brainstorm together is…

Who is the leader you most admire?

So many of these students said their parents, a teacher or their youth pastor.

How cool is that?

I would love your prayers! Today at 3pm I lead a workshop for the teachers. Tonight at 7pm I lead a parent workshop called…’No More Bullying’ and then tomorrow I lead student assemblies all day for grades K-12!


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