Every Speaker, Preacher and Teacher will appreciate this

I absolutely love hanging out with Bobby! He’s my 10 year old and the one on one time is absolutely priceless!729263_10152510617220235_1580966428_o

We hung out this morning before Tracie took the kids to her mom’s for the day.

He asked why I wasn’t going and I said I had to work.

I told him I have assemblies to speak at this week and he asked what kind of work I have to do for that.

He said…”don’t you just get up and talk?”

I told him yes, but then I proceeded to tell him that every time dad preaches or speaks for an hour, it takes dozens of hours of study, work and prayer.

He then says…“maybe you shouldn’t talk as long!”

HAHAHAHA. True Bob, true!

4 thoughts on “Every Speaker, Preacher and Teacher will appreciate this

  1. Ha! Yes… gotta love the wisdom and insight our kids bring to the table. I think I’ll just start keeping my sermons down to the 6-7 minute length from now on. 🙂

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