Friends and Church Leaders…Would you please look in your closets?

It was 15 years ago that God put the seed in my heart to plant a church…someday. BNC---Facebook-Cover-Photo

It wasn’t until last year that I really began to wrestle with God about the possibility of planting a Church.

And I didn’t just wrestle. Planting a church consumed my thoughts, dreams and prayers the entire year.

Finally, in the fall of 2012 my wife and I submitted to God and committed to planting a church.

What an amazing journey it’s been!

Since then, God has brought together a wonderful team of people who are called to launch a brand new church in Central MI. We are currently meeting once a month for what we call…pre-launch services. We outgrew our first location and we just recently started to rent a movie theater!

Our mission is simple…Help People Find and Follow Jesus. Our dream is to be an Acts 2 Church and to Love God passionately and to love others selflessly.

It’s been very humbling and very exciting!

People from all over the country have been asking how they can help and how they can pray for our brand new church. I’ve been telling everybody the same thing…

Would you please look in your closets?

Why am I asking you to look in your closets? Because in the 18 years I served at local churches, every single church I was a part of had closets full of stuff that wasn’t being used.

And, almost every house in America has things being stored in their closets that could be a tremendous help to a brand new church.

Your closets could be a GIANT BLESSING to help us reach people for Christ. 

So, would you please consider looking in your closets? Would you please look over our need list? 

Would you please pray about blessing a brand new church with something from your closet?

Any thoughts or ideas or questions, please email me ( Thanks!


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