Reflections from Sunday…

Wow, I am still so excited about the steps our new church took this past Sunday!

We hosted our 4th pre-launch service and it was our best one yet. We only gather once a month for a pre-launch service, so it was a BLAST seeing everyone!

I cannot wait until May 12th! Why? Because that’s the date of our May gathering!

Here are some Reflections…

1. I’m amazed by our launch team! They have incredible hearts and they are living out our vision!

2. Hosting church in a movie theater is both GREAT and HARD! It’s great because movie theaters are awesome and we have a GREAT seats. It’s hard because it’s a movie theater!

3. Church planting is hard. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but it is hard!

4. My prayer and hope is that we won’t be the only church plant in Mt Pleasant in the next couple of years. I hope there are 2-3 more!

Here’s a few pictures


This Sunday…Oh I can’t wait!

This Sunday our new church has the privilege of gathering again.

I couldn’t be more excited! 

We meet almost every week, but once a month we host what we call a pre-launch service. It gives people who are praying and thinking about being a part a chance to come and hear more.

So, this Sunday is our next service….April 28th. We are going to meet at 930am at Celebration Cinema.


I’m going to answer the question ‘Why Jesus?’, we have a full band this weekend (I’m crazy excited about that!), we have children’s ministry for kids from birth to 4th grade and we’ll have a few more FUN surprises.

Plus…we’re going to give people a glimpse into the details of our future and what’s next for us as a church.


We would love your prayers!

Is another Church really needed?

I was having a conversation with a friend last week and they asked me this question about church planting.

Is another Church really needed?

They were confused why anyone would want or need to plant or launch a new church.

In their words…“what’s wrong with my church?” they asked.

I said…‘nothing is wrong with your church, that’s never a good reason to start a new church. But, your church isn’t reaching everyone and there’s a HUGE need for more churches to reach more people for Jesus’. 

I went on to say that church planting is one of best tools we have to reach new people for Jesus and instead of asking that inward focused type of question, we should be saying…

Congrats! That’s Awesome! How Exciting! Way to Go! How can I pray for you? What do you need? 

From all the reading, research and thousands of conversations I’ve had over the last 18 years about church planting, I’ve found really only 3 reasons to start a new church.

3 reasons to plant or launch a church:

1. To reach more people for Jesus. Period!

2. God’s called you to plant a church. Yup!

3. Make disciples. Yes!

There are other reasons, but I think they could fall under those three.

Maybe I’m wrong. What am I missing? Am I off?

If you want to be a part of what God is doing in Central MI, here’s how:

Be a part…

1. Visit us on Sunday, April 28th at 9:30am at Celebration Cinema.

2. Email me and let’s grab coffee.

3. Pray about how you can help us reach more people for Jesus and help them become disciples.

If you don’t live in this area, we still need your help…

1. Pray for us. Pray that we have God’s favor with those far from Him and from the community we’re trying to reach.

2. Donate. We would love if you prayed about giving financially or blessing us with a gift.

If you would like more information, please email me at

A Thank You Card that made my Day!

Very simply…2013-04-11 09.59.43I received a thank you card in the mail and it made my day!

It really did!

Absolutely made my day.

I opened it last night after traveling for the past 7 days.

I was tired. I was drained. My throat was sore. My voice was hoarse. My eyes were burning.

But, those things seemed to disappear after I read the hand written words on this simple card.

A youth pastor took the time to send me a card and he let me know that one of his students trusted in Jesus on a camp that I was at the speaker at. It was so honoring and so kind of him.

It made my day. 

I can’t, for the life of me, understand why more people don’t send more hand written thank you cards.

It’s a super easy way to show someone that you appreciate them and it has the possibility of reminding them that they matter and what they do makes a difference.

Everyone needs a Sarah…and a Robin

Years ago I read a book that changed my life. It was written by John Maxwell and it’s called…Partners in Prayerprayer partners

It was at a time in life when I was young and foolish enough to think that I could everything on my own! I actually was under the delusion that I didn’t need help.

Well, I read that book and it changed my life. As soon as I finished it, I recruited my first prayer partner and it wasn’t long until I had a team of people praying for me.

That’s why I believe passionately that…

Everyone needs a Sarah and a Robin!

I’m extremely blessed. Through facebook and through email, I have a team of people from around the country who pray for me and my family and my ministry on a regular basis!

But, here locally in Central MI, I have two incredible women who pray for me. And, wow, do they pray. 

Almost weekly I receive facebook messages from them in the form of prayers.

I can’t even describe how honored I am! It is so humbling to read their prayers and to know that they are genuinely praying for me and for God to use me.

I know, I KNOW, that my impact wouldn’t be as great without their faithful prayers. I am so thankful and I ask God to pour His favor on them daily!

If you don’t have a Sarah and a Robin…I suggest doing everything you can to find some!