Our Next Steps as a Brand New Church


Wow, what an incredible journey and an incredible ride 2013 has already been!

We’re only a few months into this new year and I find myself smiling all the time. I find myself thanking God daily. I find myself walking with a new pep in my step and I find myself with a renewed sense of purpose and vision.


Because I am ridiculously excited about what God is doing in our new Church!

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it is and I’ll try in my next blog post, but for now, I thought I would lay out our next steps as a brand new church. 

Everyday I get more and more questions in the form of voicemails, texts and facebook messages about the dream that God has given us for our brand new church and I thought I would share some of our next steps as a church.

Step # 1

Keep praying. Seek God. Keep praying some more.  Every one on our team is asking God for wisdom, for passion, for even bigger dreams and ideas on how to reach people. We’re praying for unity and community. We’re praying for support and favor with family and friends. We’re praying for support and favor with local businesses, churches and leaders in our community. We’re praying that we would be Jesus to the people in our lives that don’t know him personally. We’re praying that God would provide the resources that we need. We’re praying that God uses us to bless our community. We’re praying that lost people find Jesus.

Step # 2

Keep focused on being a movement of people who are committed to helping people find and follow Jesus. Acts 2:42-47 is our foundation for the kind of church that we long to be. We want to be a community of people that loves God passionately and also loves others selflessly. We’re passionate about living

Step # 3

Keep praying for more people to join our launch team. Our launch team is our leadership. They are the leaders and people who believe that God has called us to start a church. They help live out our culture and our DNA. They believe passionately that our area needs more dynamic churches and they are fired up to reach new people for Jesus.

Step # 4

Keep hosting monthly pre-launch services. We do believe that gathering together to worship, to pray, to open up scripture as a body is of extreme importance. But, we’re not at a place where we can do that weekly…yet. We own absolutely no equipment of our own and up to this point, some great friends have let us borrow everything we need. So, we’re taking it slow, hosting a pre-launch service at our local movie theater once a month, for now.

Step # 5

Keep praying about the details. We don’t have an official name yet, we’re praying about that. We don’t have a website, we’re ok with that. We don’t have lots of shiny stuff, we’re ok with that and we’re working on getting some not so shy stuff.

Step # 6

Keep asking local Churches for their prayers and support. This is HUGE! I pray regularly for the local churches and pastors in my area. I ask God to pour out His favor on them and bless them. I’ve been trying to meet with local pastors and share with them the dream and vision we have for our brand new church and I’m asking for advice and I’m asking for their prayer.

Step # 7

Keep believing God for the small stuff. Today or tomorrow I’m going to send out a letter to over 200 friends and church leaders. I’m basically asking them to open up their closets and see if there is anything that they could bless our new church with. I’ve worked for churches in the past and we’ve had tons of equipment just lying around in closets collecting dust. I’m praying that God would give us favor with closets!

Step # 8

Keep focused on Jesus.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me…jason@jasonraitz.com. If you want to grab coffee, email me. If you want to grab lunch, email me.

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