Absolutely Fantastic! I love Church Planting

Using a movie theater  to host our pre-launch service was AWESOME!579925_413654245396562_228376402_n

I’m a day late, but we had an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC  experience at the movie theater this past Sunday! It went extremely well and we can’t wait to be back. We learned a few thing and those will help us use the space that much better.

As we’ve been dreaming and praying this church into existence, we have been working on a mission statement.

Our mission as a brand new church is to…

Help people Find and Follow Jesus. 

That’s it. Simple, right? Our goal and dream is that we could create environments in large group gathering and small group gatherings where people far from God, or people who have given up on church or people who are passionate about their relationship with Jesus can find and follow Jesus.

We took a huge step in the building of our church this past Sunday by hosting a pre-launch service where people could do just that.

It was so fantastic to have people there on Sunday who had no church background, no ‘God’ background, and who are from other churches and are praying about being on our launch team. It was an extremely cool collection of people.

What I loved the most

The thing I loved the most was the spirit of unity and community among our team. Even my kids picked up on that. Bobby, my 10 year old was reflecting later in the day and he said…”dad, it was really cool to see so many people work together for the church!”

Yes it was! 

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From the beginning, our vision for this Church is to develop a culture of leaders who are always looking to reproduce. That way, you don’t have a very tiny core group of people who make everything happen.

And, we have an incredible team and it’s not done being formed! We are praying for 45 more people to come on to our launch team and help us dream and pray this Church into existence.

What we loved about using the movie theater

1. Everybody knows where the theater is! EVERYBODY.

2. It’s pretty exciting being in there. I love the movies and I love going to a theater. Hosting a church service in there makes it that much better.

3. The theater we used worked great for our service. Our plan was to use the smallest theater they had, but when we showed up, the assistant manager told us we were theater 1. That meant we were using a theater of 275 seats! Wowzers! Well, we didn’t come close to filling it, but it was a huge vision moment to see all those seats and the possibilities of reaching that many people for Jesus.

4. The kids were CRAZY excited about going to the movie theater for church and they loved it. My kids have been asking non-stop when our next service at the theater is.

I absolutely cannot wait for our next pre-launch service!

It’s Sunday, April 28th at 930am. 

Would love to see you there!

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