Church in a Movie Theater?

Heck Yes!

I absolutely love that our brand new church is going to be having its next pre-launch service in a movie theater. I told my kids Celebrationearlier in the week that we were having church at the movie theater and they’ve asked every day since if we can have church there every week.

Actually, my  5 year Madison, came up to me yesterday and said…“Dad, are we having church in the movie theater?”. I said, ‘yes, we are’ and then she yells in 5 year old fashion…”that’s soooooo awesome!”

Yes, it is awesome. It’s awesome because…

It’s a Great Location

I’m excited to host our pre-launch service in the movie theater because every body knows where the movie the theater is! Everybody! It’s an absolutely great location and it brings it’s own excitement. Plus, the theater is set up extremely well to host a worship service. The adults will be in a theater and the younger kids will also be in a theater.

We can grow

We’re going to start in the smallest movie theater and as we grow as a Church, we can just hop into a new theater. Pretty awesome. It’s already been an exciting journey! We started in a little bar in the tiny town of Shepherd and we quickly realized that we were going to need a larger space. So, we’ve moved up to Mt Pleasant and into the theater.

Mt Pleasant, MI is our target location and our hope and dream is to love on this community in some crazy ways! I’ll talk about this more in my next post.

It smells of popcorn

Hah! I guess that could be a downside as well, but it is an awesome smell! Movie theaters are just fun and it will be fun to meet in a theater!

Come and Check us out402381_409475962481057_31177155_n

I’ve already sat down with so many people that have felt that God was putting a call on their hearts to help launch a new church.

Maybe you’re the next? If you’re at all interested, please come and check out our pre-launch service this Sunday.

If you’re not, could you pray for us? Please pray that God would give us wisdom and pray that He would help us reach the Mt Pleasant area for Him.

Ok, here’s the details…

  • Celebration Cinemas (4935 E. Pickard, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858)
  • 9:30am
  • Fun stuff for the kids
  • Find out how you can be a part of this super fun, loving, faith filled team
  • Any questions…email or call 847 873 9367

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  1. Awesome to see another new church starting up in a movie theater! We are kicking off our new church’s large group worship in a theater here in Syracuse on Easter Sunday!

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