Making the best of a weekend gone wrong

Tracie and I are in Knoxville, TN. We’re at a hotel and doing absolutely nothing. 

Normally, that would be incredible and something we would cherish and dream about.

But, we’re not suppose to be here. And…it’s not the best circumstances. Here’s the quick story.

Tracie and I have been planning this trip for two months. It’s taken a lot of work, prayer and a lot of ‘asks’ to figure out the details (since our kids are at home).

But, we came down her to take the next step in our church planting journey.

Our plans didn’t work out. 

Last Wednesday my Dr. told me I had a sinus infection and put me on medicine. I started to get better. We started our trip. At the same time, Tracie started to not feel great as well, but not enough to hold us back.

Long story short….when we finally got to where we were suppose to be and I was sick. Really sick. Uncontrollable chills, followed by sweating, aches, headaches and so much more. We stopped at an urgent care and I had a 102.5 fever and they tested me for the flu. Yup, I had it. Had it so good that they couldn’t give me any medicine for it and told me to just rest.

That meant we couldn’t be around people. So, months of planning and preparing for this weekend were gone.

We ended up finding a hotel and we’re just recouping.  The Dr. said it wouldn’t be wise to fly back early, so we’ve been holed up and are just waiting it out.

I’m feeling much better, but nowhere near back to normal.

I don’t know what the future holds and now we have to figure out how to redo our plans for this weekend. That means more time and more money.

But, I know God has a plan for all this and this wasn’t a surprise to Him.

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