Personal Highlights from SpringHill…Let’s Just Say…God Sure Did Bless Me!

Ok, I recognize this post may be a tad bit selfish. But…

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These are my personal highlights from this past weekend. 

1. Hanging with Bobby and seeing him on his own.

I have dreamed since the day my kids were born of them attending retreats as students. They have been on literally dozens of retreats as the speakers kids, but I have waited and have been dreaming of the day they would attend as students.

I was so proud of Bob over the weekend. He jumped in and had the time of his life!

  • He engaged in worship!
  • He bought his siblings gifts with his own money
  • He tried new things
  • He wanted to go back as soon as he got home
  • He said the speaker was the best part of camp and then paintball!

2. Meeting, Connecting, Talking with and being prayed for by Mark Beeson.

Mark Beeson is the Pastor of Granger Community Church in Granger, IN. He is a Pastor/Leader/Man/Husband/Father that I have admired from afar for years! I follow his blog, listen to his sermons and have studied his church.

You should have seen my face when I walked into the auditorium on Friday night and saw him sitting there. Yes, I was SHOCKED!

I was even more shocked to find out that he was there with his student ministry! Yes, you read that right! A Senior Pastor who was there to love on, care for and be with the students and adults from his church.

After my first talk, he came up to me and encouraged me. It was awesome! After my second talk, he spent time with hearing more of my story and encouraged me again. Actually, every time he saw me, he ENCOURAGED me!

Then, after everything was finished, we both just happened to be walking back to our rooms (we stayed in the same house) and he spent a little more time talking with me.

I so wish I would have pressed record on my iPhone because his words yesterday were amazing. Almost like they had been planned by God?!? Just what I needed to hear and were incredible words of wisdom!

Then…if all that wasn’t enough, he prayed for me! 

So honored and blessed.

3. Receiving an incredible gift.

Speaking on retreats for me, especially in MI, is like attending family reunions. It’s so awesome! I get to see so many friends. Well, at this retreat, my old friend Bob Briggs was there. Bob was a volunteer in my student ministry at Shepherd Fellowship Church long, long ago.

Well, I ran into Bob back in the fall at SpringHill and we’ve kept up a little over Facebook since then.

After the Saturday morning session, Bob came and got me and asked if I could come to his cabin. I said sure. He then took me to his kids cabin where they were all gathered. I had no idea why and what was going on. When I got there, Bob thanked me for all I do and have done for students and he began to tell me that he and his group got my (and my new church) some gifts.

He told me when he found out that I lost all my instruments in our house fire a few years ago and couldn’t replace them, it really began to bother him. So, they got us 2 new guitars and an amp!


If that wasn’t enough, Bob and his entire group laid hands on me and prayed for me.

Have you ever had 25 teenagers pray for you? If you had, you will remember it the rest of your life.

It was powerful, amazing and an incredible honor!

What a weekend! I’m so blessed and amazed that God would use a messy guy like me. 2013-03-08 22.03.42

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