It Never gets old…A great weekend at SpringHill

What a tremendous weekend! TREMENDOUS!2013-03-09 20.09.46

Why? Because I had the incredible privilege and blessing of being the speaker at SpringHill Camp this weekend. And, not only that, I was also a dad who sent his son to the retreat as well!

Weekend Thoughts

1. It never gets old seeing Adults love, care for and spend time with teenagers!

2. It never gets old sharing Jesus with students. NEVER!

3. It never gets old seeing students commit their lives to Jesus. OH MY GOODNESS!

4. It never gets old having literally hundreds of conversations with new friends!

5. It never gets old hearing a thousand students worship Jesus!

6. It never gets old listening to peoples stories.

7. It never gets old talking student ministry and church leadership with new friends.

8. It never gets old having the tremendous privilege of being handed a microphone and getting to walk on stage and share God’s word.

9. It never gets old receiving literally dozens of texts/emails/messages from my friends and prayer team letting me know their praying for me, the camp staff, the adults and the students.

10. It never gets old hearing the hearts of SpringHills staff as they share their vision and dream for creating environments where students can meet with and experience Jesus.

It Never Gets Old. 

2 Thoughts

  1. It not only never gets old, when your called to it, it’s your lifeblood and you gain energy and joy as you walk in it.

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