What’s Happening with Live Now Leadership in 2013?

Here’s an email I just sent out to Live Now’s prayer team…
I hope you’re doing well. I hope and pray that your 2013 has been amazing so far! It has been an incredible year for Live Now Leadership and I’m emailing you to thank you for your prayer and your support!
A few Highlights
1. Sharing the Gospel. As you may remember, Live Now is an education based, non-religous organization. When I speak at assemblies or lead parent workshops, I do not and cannot mention the name of Jesus. On a side note, it’s actually pretty hard not to do! But, on numerous occasions, I have been able to sit in Administrators offices and share the Gospel with them. So HONORING!
In January I was sitting in Mark’s office, a Principal in the UP of Michigan. After spending 3 hours talking about his school, policies and bullying. He proceeds to ask me what I believed about God and Jesus. He said his wife and kids were bugging him to go to Church and he was very bitter about it and angry at God. Right there, in his office, I shared what Jesus has done for me! So Honoring! 
2. Sharing Hope. I have talked with a number of students after assemblies who are struggling or have struggled with cutting. If you haven’t heard of cutting, it’s when kids cut themselves to deal with pain. It’s tragic and it’s so sad.
Just 2 weeks ago, I talked with Sarah. She was a 14 year old Freshmen who told me she cuts herself because no one has ever been kind to her. She told me she hates herself and cutting herself is a way to deal with the pain. So sad. I was able to talk to her and remind her that she is valuable and she doesn’t have to listen to those who were bullying her. So Honoring! 
1. Hopefully soon. We are waiting to hear from the IRS if our 501c3 status will be moved from pending to approved, thanks for praying!
2. We have a new Intern. Katelyn Troy is a CMU student and is going to be helping with research, our Live Now blog and helping to develop resource sheets for parents on bullying! We’re excited she’s part of the team!
3. Great staff members. We are blessed to have a volunteer staff team. Our team of Colette Hamlin, Shelly Raitz, Derek Peterson and Katie Jonkhoff are amazing and are working hard to help us partner and speak in more schools.
4. IN Schools. The first week in April, we will be in schools in Southern IN. Please be praying for students to make decisions to Choose Kindness.
Giving. Please pray for monthly financial donors for Live Now.
Schools. Please pray for God to open up doors in Schools for Live Now to partner.
Please know I am praying for you and can’t thank you enough!
PS…Oh, please be praying for me. This weekend I speak at SpringHill Camp in Michigan to 1100 students! Pray that God would wreck students lives for Him.
PSS…Oh, you may have seen on my blog that God has called me to plant a Church in Central MI. There is a ton about that journey on my blog. But, know this, the ministry of Live Now is not ending! I am so excited about the journey that God has us on.

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