An absolute first for me…

This weekend I am going to experience an absolute first for me. Teaching 1

And, I’m excited about it.

And, I can’t wait. 

My kids are attending a retreat I’m speaking at. 

That’s a first for me! Now, they have gone with me on dozens of retreats. DOZENS. 

We have traveled to all types of camps, retreats, conferences, schools and churches together. They have sat through hundreds of my talks.


They know my stories. They know my talks. And, the crazy thing is, they listen. They laugh, and they ask questions about it.

So, here is my prayer for the weekend…

It will be a fresh experience for them. 

My hope is that they hear from God.

That God wrecks their hearts. 

That they have an absolute blast!

That they make life changing decisions for Jesus. 


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