I was on the phone last week with an old friend. Not that he’s crazy old…as in years, but we’ve been friends for a long time. We went to Bible College together and we’ve kept in touch many, many years.

I really admire this friend. We’re different leaders, but I love his heart and I love how he looks at situations and views them. He definitely has the gift of wisdom. images

Well, we were on the phone talking about my dream to plant a church in Central MI and we were catching up with what God is doing in his life. Very exciting stuff!

As we were talking, he paid me one of the Greatest Compliments I’ve ever received.


We were talking about  the Captital “C” Church (something we both love) and he said these words…

I’m not surprised at all that God has called you to Launch a New Church, because…

You’re a Local Church Guy.

He went on to say…

You’ve always loved the Church and I know God will use you in huge ways to build a great Church.

Wow! What a compliment.

As we closed our conversation, he then asks if he could pray for me. Double WOW! So thankful for men of God in my life. It’s something I hopefully will never take for granted.

That compliment meant the world and it only took 12 seconds. I have literally thought about it multiple times since last week and it was the boost I needed.


Don’t hog compliments, give them away! 

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