3 Lessons I Learned from Willow Creek about Church

I had the great privilege of working at Willow Creek Community Church for 4 years. I blogged more about that here. And, I will blog more about it in the coming months. It was a fantastic experience and I learned a ton! lesson

But, as I’m getting ready to launch a (New Central MI) I’ve been thinking about my time at Willow Creek. I have been because I love Willow Creek and I admire their leadership and ministry philosophy.

I learned a ton while I was there, but here are three of the biggest lessons I want to make sure are applied everyday to the DNA of our new church.

3 Lessons

1. Clear Vision. There was never a doubt in my mind where the Church was headed or what the vision was. Never. Vision and Mission leaked from everywhere. And, that was exciting! There just always seemed to be a great momentum. It was forward moving. It didn’t get stuck in the past, talking about the glory days. But, looking at what was ahead.

2. There is no greater cause than the Local Church.  I loved hearing Bill Hybels say…”The local Church is the hope of the world!” I loved it because I believe it. I know it’s true. And it was great to be reminded of it, over and over.

3. Pour ridiculous amounts of energy and resources into the next generations. It was awesome to be a part of a Church that truly gave and believed in their next generation. My goodness, Willow does this right! Not only finances and resources, but energy and a belief and value in raising up young leaders.

These are the quick versions of the lessons I learned and there a lot more. But, I hope to learn from these and implement them.

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