The Ministry of Panera Bread

Pretty frequently I use Panera Bread as my preferred office location. I do that because of a few reasons:panerabread

1. My home office is in my unfinished/unheated basement. But, I have a fireplace right next to my desk and that’s awesome. But, it still gets cold. So, I use Panera Bread.

2. I wan to be around people. I would crazy if I had to work in my basement all the time…alone…by myself.

3. I want to desperately be Jesus and share Jesus and being around people at Panera Bread is a great way!

I’m not there everyday, but sometimes I’m there 2-3 times a week. I know most of the managers and staff by name and they know my name. They know I work with schools to help end bullying and now they know I’m starting a church.

2 Super Cool Panera Moments…Today

The first…The manager gave me a cookie and drink on the house today. He said he’s thankful I’m a great customer and he sees me meeting w/people and he said he appreciates my business. That was awesome and it made my day.

So, I invited him to our new church!

The Second…I had my books laid out all over my table, including my Bible. I had 2 CMU students walk by and look at my table kind of weird. Well, a little time went by and they came back by and said that they’ve been searching for a church they fit in and haven’t been able to find one. Then one of the guys said…”You don’t know any great churches in the area, do you?”

DO I???? Well, Yes I do!!

I proceded to invite him to our next gathering and it’s not till March 24th and he said he was bummed it’s so far away. Well, that made me think…maybe we need to do one sooner!!!

What a Great day!

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