Church in a Bar????

Yes, why not!?!2013-02-24 17.13.04

On Sunday night, we had our 2nd ever worship service and yes…it was at a bar.

Ok, it was in the bar’s side room, but it’s still a bar! And I love it. It has already communicated to some people that we’re interested in doing ‘church’ differently.

Actually, we might have outgrown our Bar location! Uh Oh!

Highlights from Sunday Night

1. It was Gloriously chaotic. We had ages from every generation there…including kids! I think it was a glimpse of the early church. Next time, we’ll have a room for the really young ones, but still…it was cool to have kids a part.

2. We had a 10 year old us up in prayer and a 12 year read our scripture! It was cool! Beyond Cool! Again, I think a picture of the early church.

3. We laughed. One of our ‘must have’ values is fun and laughter. We laughed and joked and had fun.

Our worship team didn’t have time to practice because of schedules, but it was great! Just awesome to pour out our hearts!

5. We unpacked the question, Why Church? I looked at Matthew 16:13-20. It’s the first time the word Church in the Bible. I talked about how when Jesus meant the church to be a movement built on Him…not a building…not a tradition…not a place.

6. We took the next step. We’re still quite a ways off from meeting weekly, but we took the next step.

Be Apart of the Launch Team

  • What is the Launch team? This is the team that will be the leadership of the Church. They will help live out our DNA and will always make sure we have a culture of welcome and acceptance. A culture that’s not afraid of Change and will embrace it if it means reaching more people for Jesus! 
  • We are praying and believing God for 70 people to be a part of our Launch team.
  • Wanna be a part? Email me now. Yes, right now.

What’s Next? 

1. Launch Team Meeting on March 20th. 6:30-8:00pm. Location TBD. If you’re interested on being a part of this Dream Team, then come and see what we’re about. More info coming soon.

2. Worship Night on March 24th. 5:45pm. Location TBD. Worship with us, pray with us, dream with us and help us take the next steps to build a dynamic and modern Church.

3. Easter Sunday Service on March 31st. Location and Time TBD. Put it on your calendar now!!!


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