You Can Help Start a Brand New Church!!

Yes, that’s right…bncblack_full

You can Help Start a Brand New Church. 

Whether you live in Central MI, Upper MI, Lower MI, or another part of the Country…you can be a part!

God has given us a giant dream and vision for this new community and I know God is going to bring the right people together for our Launch team.

Why not?

The world needs more Churches. It just does. We definitely need more dynamic, prevailing, modern and Acts 2 & Jesus focused Churches. Churches that are willing to do more than just talk about Jesus, but live out his words!

We do because there are so many people who need to know the Hope and Life that Jesus offers!

The Local Church is the Hope of the World and investing your time, your finances, your energy, and your prayer into the Local Church will make a HUGE Kingdom Investment! Windows-Vista-help

Launch Team

Yes You! You can be a part of our launch team! That’s right you! At least pray about it. Ask God if He’s nudging you or calling you to be a part.

This team will be committed to helping get this Brand New Church off the ground and up and running. It will be a labor of love. It will be living out our God given dream and being a part of an amazing community. It will also help create the new culture for this Church and live out the way that the Acts 2 community lived.

Why be a part?

1. Because Creating something from nothing is an amazing process! It’s fun, it’s exciting and yes, it’s challenging! It will be tough, but I’ve learned that some of the life’s toughest challenges bring the most reward!

2. Because we will reach new people for Jesus! I know we will! Our heart and passion is to reach those far from Jesus!

3. Because our area needs more new Churches. We have a ton a really good churches in our area, but there is a real need for more!

4. Because it will be energizing and momentum building. I have been dreaming of this for 15 years. Many on our team have been dreaming of this day as well. We are energized, we are ready to climb the hill and we are ready to ban together to live out the Acts 2 community.

5. Because it will be Fun! Yes, you read that right! Fun and Laughter are high values of mine and I believe more Christians and Churches need to live them out!

6. Because it’s awesome to be a part of a huge vision! Here’s part of our dream and vision…

  • A Church who is love with Jesus.
  • A Church that helps people grow spiritually through their small groups.
  • A Church where no perfect people will be allowed.
  • A Church that values the arts.
  • A Church that is about fun and laughter.
  • A Church who will span all generations, but who will invest ruthlessly into the younger generation.
  • A Church where it is ok to have and enjoy loud music.
  • A Church that values Stories and will be continually sharing them.
  • A Church that cares more for the inside of people than the outside.
  • A Church that is for the Community, not just in the Community.
  • A Church who radically gives to God and to those in need.
  • A Church that’s not stuck on tradition and loves Change.
  • A Church where the dechurched and unchurched will feel accepted and wanted, no matter their beliefs.
  • A Church where those who are centered on Christ will be pushed to grow and not become comfortable.
  • A Church that will bring Hope.
  • A Church that will give people next steps every week.
  • A Church that will Love Others Selflessly and Love God Passionately.

Email me.

Yes, do it now. Even if you don’t know for sure what you think about all this, but for some reason there is a twinge in your spirit, let’s get together and grab coffee!



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  1. brand new church we’re still in my home having church every Sunday and enjoying every bit of it, I like the 17steps and a matter of fact that’s a part of our Ministries

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