Why am I Launching a New Church?

Ever since I posted about being called to plant a church last week, I have had a lot of really fun Bevins-How-to-Get-Involved-in-Church-Planting-Quoteconversations/texts/messages/emails this week!

I mean, holy cow!

They have ranged from…

  • So incredibly excited for you
  • I have the felt the call to do the same
  • Can I be a part?
  • You are crazy! But, I love it!
  • Why now?
  • Why plant a new church, aren’t there enough Churches already?

So, I thought I would write a brief post about the WHY behind our decision to plant a new church.

Here we go, The primary reasons I have decided to Launch and Plant a New Church:

1. The undeniable, unbelievable, and ridiculously CLEAR call to plant a Church. 

God has been talking to me about this for quite some time. 15 years actually! And then, all of last year it was on my heart and head the entire year. This was not and is not a rash decision. It has been bathed in prayer for a LONG time!

There were moments when the voice of God was so intense on my heart that it felt like I was under a waterfall!

2. There is a need for more Modern, New, Life Giving, Passionate about Jesus Churches in Central MI! 

I’ve been studying the demographics since I moved here 2.5 years ago! Yes, there are a lot of Churches. But, I believe we need more!

3. People Need Jesus…More than Ever Before!

My work with Live Now Leadership has confirmed this in my life over and over. I have heard hundreds of extremely painful life stories and it has been a constant reminder that there is a GIANT need for people to find Hope.

I believe (Like Bill Hybels says) that the Local Church is the Hope of the World.

New Churches are never a bad thing in my estimation!

4. I never stopped being a Pastor. 

Yes, I made the extremely painful decision to leave my last church (many reasons behind that), but I never stopped pastoring. I have prayed with hundreds of people in Panera Bread, McDonalds, the Hospital, Walmart and Gas Stations!

I have even prayed with Principals in their office! It’s been amazing!

I get stopped all the time in stores by people who say…”I still see you as my Pastor…so…will you pray for me”? WHAT AN HONOR!!!



Again, even though I left my last church, I never stopped loving the Church or Church Leadership or Student Ministry or Family Ministry or Church Growth!

I spend so much time reading books and articles and websites about the Church. Researching other Churches. Talking with Church Leaders.

I love the Church!

6. My family needed a Church home.

We have been searching far and wide for a place that we felt God was leading us to. There are many great, GREAT, Churches in our area, but none that we felt was suppose to be our home Church.

Part of the reason is…I’m just skeptical about denominations. After having worked for two of the country’s most amazing non-denominational churches (NorthRidge and Willow Creek), I just have a tough time with the structure, philosophy, lack of perceived vision (my own opinion) and lack of perceived movement (my own opinion) with some mainline denominations. Again, I know many wonderful leaders in denominations, so this is not an attack at all. Just my own opinion.

7. God brought together a wonderful Core team. 

In an extremely awesome and I believe divine way, God starting bringing person after person together to form our core team. They have been our church for months! We meet weekly, we pray for each other, we help each other, we love each other’s kids, we have fun together and we dream together about this new Church.

It’s been truly humbling and an honor!

We’re not done though! If you would like to be a part, email me (jason@jasonraitz.com) and let’s grab coffee!

I love the place God has me. 

I get to bring hope into schools and

I get to teach God’s word to group of people who really believe that we can live out the Acts 2 community! 

So Blessed!

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