Be a part of a Brand New Church!!

You’re invited to check out the beginning stages of a brand new Church.

That means…we’re not quite up and running yet, but we’re praying that God would send people who have a desire to help launch a new kind of church for the Central Michigan area. 

Our area has a lot of really good churches!

But, there is a GIANT need for more Churches because there a lot of people who need Hope!

The dream for this Church is that we will be a

A Church where no perfect people will be allowed
A Church that will value the arts.
A Church that is fun and laughter.
A Church who will span all generations, but who will invest ruthlessly into the younger generation.
A Church that will be Loud.
A Church that values Stories.
A Church that cares more for the inside of people than the outside.
A Church who radically gives to God and to those in need.
A Church who is love with Jesus.
A Church that’s not stuck on tradition and loves Change.
A Church where the dechurched and unchurched will feel accepted and wanted, no matter their beliefs.
A Church where those who are centered on Christ will be pushed to grow and not become comfortable.
A Church that will be bring Hope.
A Church that will Love Others Selflessly and Love God Passionately.

Come Check us Out

If you’re wanting to know more about how to be a part of this exciting Church Launch, I hope you will come on Sunday night.

Here are the details:

Sunday Night, February 24th, 5:45pm, Shepherd Bar, 324 W. Wright Avenue, Shepherd. 

We’ll meet for about an hour. There will be worship, some laughs, some stories and a look into the question…Why Church?

Oh, bring anyone you want! Bring your spouse, your kids, your family, your neighbor, etc. (There isn’t regular child care, but kids sit right among us and aren’t a distraction.

To find out more about this, check out this blog post

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