I’ve Never Experience that Kind of Pain

Not sure why, but God has opened up some amazing doors for me to encourage and motivate and educate and hopefully inspirewords_hurt_by_kyllerkyle-d5rzxt2 students in schools.

But gosh, do I hear about a lot of pain!

  • Students dealing with cutting.
  • Students dealing with bullying. 
  • Students considering suicide. 
  • Parents broken over their kids mistreatment. 
  • Parents hurting because their kids are teased, left out and called awful names. 
  • Parents hurting because their lives are falling a part and they see the effects on their kids. 

My heart absolutely breaks every time I hear these stories.

My heart breaks absolutely every time I look into someone’s eyes who is telling about these awful things that have happened to them.

My heart breaks absolutely every time.

We need to bring Hope.

We need to continually remind people that there is a better way.

One thought on “I’ve Never Experience that Kind of Pain

  1. Jason, those have been my thoughts and questions lately. How do we bring hope, real hope and help to a messy world? I am not talking about just telling people to trust in Jesus….but showing them what that means. It involves being brutally honest with ourselves. It involves being vulnerable….and open. Each of us, as believers, need to be who we are. We are indwelt by the living spirit of God. We are to be Jesus, in a real sense, to the messy world. But then there is that tricky piece of not trying to control and fix everything…but instead, leading them in such a way as they can themselves trust in Jesus and assume their own personal responsibility. No easy answers. I appreciate what you are doing so much! Blessings my friend and brother.

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