God has called me to Plant a Church in Central MI!

Wow, typing those words is a long time coming! church_plant

Actually, 15 years! It was 15 years ago that God first put the seed in my heart to someday plant a Church. I was on a youth retreat and was watching students be baptized and I remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was so overwhelmed by their faith and I thanked God for the opportunity to tell students about Jesus.

Standing in that lake, He put it on my heart that I would be sharing Jesus with students and adults for years to come and someday it would be to plant a church that was passionately in love with Jesus. 

Fast forward to 2012. 

Pretty much the entire year I wrestled with God about planting a new church. I’m not talking easy wrestling. Not watching wrestling on TV. Nope.

All out struggle. All out wrestling match with God. 

Then in the fall and winter of 2012 it became a level of intensity that I can’t even adequately explain.

Holy Cow! 

Lot’s of prayer. Lot’s of conversations. Lot’s of getting alone with Jesus. Lot’s of talking with my wife, counselor and mentors.

Affirmations all Around

Ever since I left my last Church, I’ve missed it. I loved preaching on Sundays. I loved leading staff and volunteers. I loved meeting with people over coffee and hearing their stories.

I would wake up on Sundays and feel lost! And when some Churches and Retreats started to ask me to teach, it helped. But, wow, I’ve missed preaching/praying/leading a community of believers on a regular basis!

That’s when I realized…

I never stopped being a Pastor.

I would run into people around town all the time and I heard the same questions weekly…

“Why aren’t you preaching in the area?”

“Would you pray for me?”

Finally it was my wife that pointed out to me something I knew in my heart, but I needed her voice and wisdom.

She said…“I believe God has us here in Central MI because He’s calling us to plant a New Church”. 

Moving Forward

My life mission is to bring LAUGHTER and HOPE to the hurting and introduce them to Jesus.

I believe this fits exactly into that mission statement.

I will continue moving forward with the work and ministry of Live Now Leadership. Holy Cow, it’s awesome ministry!

And, I will continue moving forward with a great group of fellow Church Planters as we plan and dream and pray about starting a new church in Central MI. We’ve actually been meeting together for months and we’re looking for people called to plant a new kind of church!

I believe that this area needs a NEW kind of Church. 

It needs more Churches that are Modern, Fun, Laughter Filled, Come as You Are, Opposite of a Country Club, Passionate about Jesus and a place where no perfect people are allowed. 

A Church that is willing to live out the original Acts 2 Vision for the Church. 

More on the vision in my next post! More about why I believe a new church is needed. More about our plan and dream. Much more to come!

But, I’m excited. God is opening huge doors and daily, He is sending people to me who ask about this dream and our Launch team is expanding and growing! (If you’re interested in finding out more about being on ourLaunch team email me RIGHT NOW…jason@jasonraitz.com)

Oh…Check Us Out…

Our 2nd worship night is happening on Feb. 24th at 5:45pm at the Shepherd Bar! Yes, it’s at a bar!

We will worship, laugh, pray, seek God’s voice and hopefully answer the question…Why Church?

I would greatly appreciate your prayers! I love that God has me in a place to bring HOPE into


Churches and Camps and Retreats

and now…

A New Church. 

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