A Tough Question for Leaders

There is a question out there that is one of the hardest…toughest…and most challenging questions a leader ever has the opportunity to ask. question-mark

The reality is…many leaders don’t ask this question. 

They don’t because the answers to this questions has the potential of changing things.

Not simple little things, well, quite possibly. But, some of the answers can bring to light that drastic change is needed.

And, that’s why many leaders, many speakers, many parents, many teachers, many business leaders…just don’t ask it.

What’s the Question?

What can I do to be better?

That’s a RIDICULOUSLY tough question to ask. It’s so hard because as leaders, we pour our life into our craft. We GIVE everything!

For example, I take the craft of speaking/teaching/preaching very seriously. I believe it’s my gift and I believe it’s one of the primary reasons I was created. I love it.

I enjoy it. Nothing in life (except for my family and coaching little league) gives me more life, more energy, more passion than opportunities to preach/teach and speak. I love them.

I pour thousands of hours into preparation for speaking. I’m always reading, ALWAYS reading articles, books, blogs, and anything I can get my hands on to be a better speaker.

I am always self-evaluating. I am always re-thinking and thinking through my talks.

So, when I ask someone…What can I do to be better? Well, it has the potential to mess with me. It can because I have spent so much time and energy into preparing and then doing the actual speaking and if my heart isn’t in the right place, I won’t hear their criticism with the right mindset.


We have to ask that question. We can’t just assume that everything we’re doing is the most effective way to do it. We have to be willing to put ourselves out there and be willing to hear how we could do it better.

If you’re a speaker…ask the question.

If you’re a leader…ask the question.

If you’re a business leader…ask the question.

If you’re a parent…ask the question.

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