Why don’t we say…THANK YOU…more often?

Are you cheap?

I mean, really…really, cheap.

Like, you hate to tip anybody and you even haggle with a 10 year old at a garage sale!

If that’s you, then I’m guessing you might be cheap with ‘Thank You’s’ as well?!?


Saying Thank You is one of the pillars of being kind. 

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless” ~Mother Teresa

It’s only two words, but for some reason or reasons, some people find it hard to let them be a continual addition to their lips and hearts. And that’s just a shame! Especially if you’re a leader!

If you’re a leader, those words should be said by you dozens of times a day and written on dozens of thank you cards a week!

What Thank You’s Do

1. Express Gratitude. The reality about life is…no one is an island and no one gets ahead or is successful truly on their own. It takes other people pouring into you and other people putting in a good word or paving the way for you. By saying thank you, you express gratitude for what they’ve done for you.

2. Acknowledge generosity. Generosity is an amazing gift and scripture shows us that we’re to give. Actually, Jesus says in the New Testament that “we are to help and give without expecting a return”. That’s awesome! Saying or writing thank you acknowledges the fact that you’re legitimately blessed that someone would give to you.

3. Show appreciation. We should be on a constant lookout of showing appreciation. Especially as followers of Jesus. Everyday we should be looking for people to appreciate and remind how much God loves them and how much we love them. If this isn’t in your daily plan, it should be.

Who to Thank?

1. Your family. That’s right, your family. Thank them as much as you can! Parents…thank your kids. Kids…thank your parents.

2. Your inner core. These are the 3-4 people who are unwavering in their friendship and support of you. My inner core has actually shifted and changed this past year, but my hope and plan is to always make sure they know how incredibly thankful I am for their support, their love and their prayers!

3. Your Supporters. We all have people who cheer us on and encourage us. Thank them!

4. Anybody and Everybody!

Stop being cheap with thank you’s! 

Don’t know where to start, make a list of everybody’s whose ever blessed you and start sending thank you! 

Simple, Easy, Powerful! 

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