Stop being Safe…BE BOLD

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” ~Acts 4:29boldness

I just finished Andy Stanley’s new book, Deep & Wide and he talks about what the Church should be praying for at the very end of the book.

It resonated with me greatly and so I decided to put my own twist to it.

Why are we so safe?

Ok, I get that we as parents need to keep our kids safe. And I understand that we need to wear seat belts. I’m not talking about that area of safeness.

I’m talking about spiritually. 

Why are we so spiritually safe now a-days?

I mean, American Christianity is kind of easy isn’t it? Before you leave, just hear me out. We have air conditioned buildings and fast check in systems for our kids and incredible rock bands and unreal websites. We have coffee shops in our churches and every program known to man. I’m not saying these are bad things, just really nice things.

It’s kind of like everything is handed to us. For many people, for many Christians, they attend Church on Sundays and then you would never know by the way they live their lives that Jesus has wrecked them for His Kingdom.

Stop being Safe…BE BOLD

Take a step out with your faith.

Peter and John had just gotten out of prison and they were told to not say the name of Jesus. They leave and have a meeting with the Church leaders and then they have a prayer meeting.

I mean, shouldn’t they have prayed for safety or protection from the persecution they were facing?

Nope, they prayed for Boldness! 

Specifically they prayed that they would speak God’s word with Boldness. How about that? And then they prayed for healing, not for themselves, but for others. They did so other people could see what Jesus was doing through them.

They stepped out in Boldness. They prayed for boldness. They didn’t play it safe. They shared their faith.

Where do you need a boost of Boldness?


  • Telling others about Jesus?
  • Leading your family in prayer?
  • Stepping up at Church and leading?
  • Putting the servants towel on and serving?

Whatever area it is, stop being safe.

Pray for Boldness. Go over and above. Step out of your comfort zone and rely on God.

I wonder what holds you back from stepping out?



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