Stop being Afraid

“My fear grows fat on the energy I feed it”

~Scilla Elworthystop-being-afraid2

I have struggled with fear all my life and I believe this quote is true. The more that I fill my heart, mind, soul and strength with fear, the bigger and more powerful it becomes.

The more I give it the satisfaction of worry and stress, the bigger it gets.

The more I consume my thoughts on nothing but the fear, it overtakes me.

A guy named Joshua was once faced with fear. He was taking over his mentor and his leaders old job and God wanted him to lead a crazy amount of people to a new place. God said to Joshua…“Be strong and Courageous, be very strong”. 

I can’t even count how many times I’ve needed to remind myself of the truth of that scripture.

I don’t know what you fear, maybe it’s…

Change, Trust, Faith, Stepping out, Being Strong

Whatever it is…

1. Stop feeding your fear. Don’t give it the joy of thinking about it all the time. Give your fear to God and let it go.

2. Be Strong and Courageous. Hold onto to the truth of scripture and live in the freedom that God provides.

3. Step Out. There are enough people who settle for status quo or never rocking the boat!

Take a Leap. 

2 thoughts on “Stop being Afraid

  1. Thanks for your words of wisdom JR!

    Thanks for the enouragement to take prayed-filled, wisdom-based, calculated risks!

    If we aren’t living on the edge … we are taking up too much room!


  2. Totally agree with this, but the critical part is what God says to Joshua after “Be strong and courageous”… “for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” The most frequently repeated command in scripture is not “love God” or even “love your neighbor.” It is “do not be afraid.” But it is not so that we can cease being afraid on our own (not that this is what you are suggesting); it’s so that God can manifest Himself in us by making fearful people courageous.

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