My Bekah is going to be a Teenager

In 21 days my baby will be a teenager. Wow. I’m almost at a loss.

She will be 13 years old. It seems like yesterday she was 3.

Young Bekah

I am absolutely enamored with her.

I am incredibly in love with her.

I am astounded by how amazing she is.

I am so proud of her.

I am honored to be her dad.

She is developing and growing into an amazing young woman.

She’s in love with God and she’s continually reaching out and helping friends and people at school.

A Trip with Dad

This weekend she is going to CA with me on a speaking trip. I’ve taken her before, but this one is special.

I decided to bring her because I wanted to give her a trip with me as she turns 13 and I’ve been planning this trip for awhile.

While we’re together, we’re going to talk about…

1. God. I’m always asking her how she knows, that she knows Jesus is her Savior. I want to talk through the Gospel again with her this weekend and talk through Baptism.

2. Sex and Boys. Yup, I’m not going to shy away from these topics with her.

3. God’s call on her life. I want to her about what God is calling her to do with life, even at 13.

4. Her mom and siblings. I want to spend some time talking to her about ways she can be a positive influence on her siblings and a great help to her mom.

And…I will Listen. 2007-07-18 00.00.00-26

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