The Ministry of Panera Bread

Pretty frequently I use Panera Bread as my preferred office location. I do that because of a few reasons: 1. My home office is in my unfinished/unheated basement. But, I have a fireplace right next to my desk and that's awesome. But, it still gets cold. So, I use Panera Bread. 2. I wan to be... Continue Reading →


Church in a Bar????

Yes, why not!?! On Sunday night, we had our 2nd ever worship service and was at a bar. Ok, it was in the bar's side room, but it's still a bar! And I love it. It has already communicated to some people that we're interested in doing 'church' differently. Actually, we might have outgrown... Continue Reading →

I’ve Never Experience that Kind of Pain

Not sure why, but God has opened up some amazing doors for me to encourage and motivate and educate and hopefully inspire students in schools. But gosh, do I hear about a lot of pain! Students dealing with cutting. Students dealing with bullying.  Students considering suicide.  Parents broken over their kids mistreatment.  Parents hurting because... Continue Reading →

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