Minutes and Words…use them well

Here’s a Giant lesson that I have learned and re-learned and it applies to both my relationships and my speaking.

And, it’s a lesson that has been taught to me for years, and I’ve done an OK job with executing it, but I’m raising its value to an all time high in my communicating.

Here’s the lesson

Remember that minutes and words are precious, so use them well!Alarm_Clocks_20101107a

Yup, you knew that. I know that. But, it’s easy to be swept up in the moment of spending time with a friend, connecting with somebody or delivering a talk or a message and before we know it, we waste words and we waste minutes.

Minutes and Words are precious! Time flies by and before we know it, there gone.

If you’re a speaker, here are a few ideas for you on managing your Minutes and Words:

We have to be ready to share.

We have to be ready to deliver.

We should almost be ready to explode by the time we’re handed the mic. If we’re not, we will waste time.

I’ve heard so many speakers who use the first 10 minutes to talk about random and unimportant things. Don’t do that. Be ready to grab your audiences attention. It’s really easy to get caught up in the moment and try to get a laugh out of something that only a few in the crowd would find funny.

In your relationships, don’t waste time and use dishonoring words. If you have an encouraging or positive thought, tell the person you’re connecting with.

Here’s what I’m learning. I have only so many minutes, so I have to treat every word and every minute with an extreme amount of respect. I need to plan them out well and stop wasting time.

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