A Kingdom Moment

I get to see many Kingdom moments as a speaker…it’s really an honor. Kingdom-of-God

But one happened recently that blew me away.


I’m leading assemblies at a High School in northern Michigan in a few weeks and I had sent a few Pastor friends an email saying I was going to be in there area and asked them to pray.

One of the Pastors is a long time friend who used to be in the Waterford area when I was a youth pastor there. The other is a few friend that I met recently at a retreat I spoke at.

They both told me that they would let the parents of teenagers at their churches know about the Parent Workshops and ask them to pray for the assemblies.


How cool is that? 

This was a major Kingdom moment for me.

There is enough competition, enough back fighting, enough gossip, enough rumors, enough bad feelings, enough wanting only our ‘kingdom’ to succeed.

It’s time for us to have a global KINGDOM mindset and partner and pray and help.

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  1. Jason,
    we can not thank you enough for speaking to our kids at BEHOLD in Alabama. You touched their hearts (and ours too) and really impacted their lives for Christ!! I pray blessings on you and your family! Thanks again!

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